Daily Activity Report
MS SHIFT Daily Activity Log was designed to eliminate the paperwork needed by Loss Prevention teams to write down all daily activities. Loss Prevention teams can now record all of their daily activities into an electronic log. With easy to use software and customizable information drop-downs, the system will save users time on data entry while providing an organized and detailed activity log.

Our solution is fully hosted on a protected Cloud where all of your data is stored securely. Each user has a unique user name and password and the system can be used by others simultaneously. Management with administrative access to the system can easily maintain the software and its users at the property level.

Tailored for Loss Prevention Officers on the move, our MS SHIFT iOS application allows officers to do real time searches of events that were dispatched to them. They can easily close pending events, add additional notes and attach pictures while being out in the field. This will reduce radio traffic, ensuring a fast and efficient workflow.

Administrators can assess officer’s productivity levels and generate reports directly from their desk. Our highly customization filters and advanced reporting tools can help management effortlessly extract crucial information and easily identify trends.

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